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Upcoming Events

Watch for upcoming events in 2020 in central and northern Minnesota!

The author and illustrator would welcome the opportunity to give your middle school readers a chance to read and experience the magical, yet peculiar Lake Poopalooska and would be glad to share their experiences and explain the steps involved in the book-making process. If you are interested in this opportunity, we will send you a free book to peruse and share. At this time our calendars are open for the the rest of the 2020 school year. There is no doubt that this book will stir the imaginations of the reader and encourage them to think and write creatively. A great "read outloud" book and story starter.

Schools, Libraries, Senior Centers, etc.

If you'd like to have the author and/or illustrator visit your library, school, or place of business to showcase Lake Poopalooska, Thank you, Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas or Summer at Izzie's, drop us a note and we'll place you on the calendar. Please utilize the Contact Us page

or call 563 933 6704 .

Workshops, Presentations, Fundraising

We do workshops and presentations tailored to your audience. There has been a lot of interest from schools and much interest in self-publishing. There are also fundraising opportunities as well. Please utilize the Contact Us page or call 563 933 6704 for our fee structure or for details on fundraising.