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Book Reviews and Comments

If you have a book review or comment you'd like to share about Lake Poopalooska, Thank you, Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas or Summer at Izzie's, please utilize our Contact Us page and we'll post it here!!

New Reviews for Lake Poopalooska.

Review posted by Tori G on Amazon.

Loved this Book!

As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for great chapter books that would be engaging read alouds for my class. When I saw that Mr. Green is in fact a “semiretired” elementary teacher himself, I knew I had to check out this story with the most intriguing title of “Lake Poopalooska”. In simplest terms, it is a narrative told by 12-year-old Jimmy Paulson who takes a fishing trip with his dad, Lars and what begins as an ordinary journey becomes an extraordinary adventure that neither one will ever forget. There are so many things I truly enjoyed about Mr. Green’s work. “Lake Poopalooska” is full of likable characters who coexist in a most unusual yet interesting setting. Furthermore, it is well-written with plenty of description to set the scene (without being too wordy) and meaningful dialogue to propel the action forward. My only complaint was at times some phrases become a tad bit repetitious at times- however, I can imagine my students will probably have fun with that as well! There are many themes from family relationships to acceptance to caring for the environment that serve as interesting discussion points from this heartwarming tale. In essence, it is a simple story but beautifully written with a hint of sentimentality that makes it all the more endearing rather than “corny”. Even though Mr. Green wrote this to be a children’s book, I truly enjoyed reading it myself and can’t wait to share it with my students. I certainly hope that this is the first in the series of many more stories to come about “Lake Poopalooska”

Where can I find Lake Poopalooska?

Review posted by Jennifer T. on Amazon.

Lake Poopalooska by Will Green is a great little book. It is a quick read but still full of detail. Lars and his son, Jimmy, are heading out for a week-long fishing trip in Minnesota. Lars hopes to find the lake that his father took him to many years ago. They end up lost and helped by a man named Paul Poopalooska. He takes them back to a resort community called, you guessed it, Lake Poopalooska. Everyone there pretty much shares the same last name as this is a very special community. It is a completely different world to Lars and Jimmy. They are wow’ed by nature, the kindness of the people, and the complete “differentness”. After a week of extraordinary fishing and friendly folk, Lars must make a decision about his family’s future. Does he move from the big city to quaint Poopalooska or does he forget about this town forever? I enjoyed the plot, there aren’t a ton of twists and turns to figure out and the characters are all likable.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, this is a book for you. There’s really no mystery involved, but it has that small-town feel. This book would be appropriate for many ages, there is nothing obscene about it. Very G-rated. It made me wish I could find Lake Poopalooska, I sure would be there in an instant and I’d definitely stay! This is a cute little book and I’d highly recommend it and I plan on checking out Will Green’s other storie

A reader in Ohio had this to say about Thank you, Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas:

A lovely and tender story, told lovingly and tenderly.

This is a simple story, one that is repeated every day, year in and year out, but is rarely ever told. Even more rarely is it told with such human-ness and humanity.

The author paints a wonderful picture of the impact teachers have on their students (and vice versa), by conveying the fears, hopes, and dreams of a “special” student. The reality is -- Special or not, we all will see ourselves in this story.

Bill also pays a beautiful and touching tribute to his hometown. The story and tribute are enhanced by outstanding illustrations that are not to be missed!

I shed some tears as I read this book (and again as I recall the story). You will, too, as you recount special people with an impact on your life. Thank you, Bill!

--Jeffrey S. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Teachers impact lives and never know it   

Thank You Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas is a wonderful reflection on how a special needs teacher touched the life of one child. Even though Mr. Brown may have not known it, he impacted Nancy's life forever by listening and encouraging her. This story outlines how just one teacher can help a child forever.

The story is set in a small town in the winter. The imagery and depictions of what it was like in the 1950's, 60's, 70's? makes you feel like you are there.

Teachers make a difference in children's lives every day. As you read this book it will make you think of the one teacher that impacted your life the most! .

---Amy S. (Waverly, Iowa)

Comments/notes from customers:

Dear Sir:

Received my book copy of your book (Thank you, Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas) today. I wanted to thank you for your note and let you know how much I enjoyed the story of Nancy and Mr. Brown. My mother was a teacher,starting in one room schools, and my daughter started her teaching career as a "Special Ed" teacher. It takes a "special" person to be a teacher...of any kind. 

Thank you for putting this "special" story down and for sharing it with others.

Thank you Mr. Green and Happy Holidays.

Joan M. (Adair, Iowa)

This is the first review of Summer at Izzie's from Jeff in Ohio:

What a delightful book and story! Summer at Izzie's will transport you to a different time and place. To a place where the hectic, chaotic rush of life fades away and you get a chance to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature, life, and the people around you. ...and to a time where people enjoyed and cared for each other in a rich and wholesome way.

If you long for a break from the hustle-and-bustle, and if you long for the day when people truly connected with and supported each other, then spend the summer at Izzie's.Will makes the lush outdoors and the lively personalities come to life and become real. Not a page went by that didn't take me to that time and place. And by the end of the book, tears were in my eyes, missing and longing for the world richly experienced at Izzie's.

If you have had the pleasure of experiencing a time and place such as this, Summer at Izzie's will let the rich memories flood back. If you haven't yet had this experience, and want to enjoy that special time and place, then make some time for Summer at Izzie's.

Thanks to all who have shared their comments and keep them coming!