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Author and Illustrator Info

The Author...

William “Will” Green is a summer resident of Walker, Minnesota, but is a permanent resident of Strawberry Point, Iowa, a small rural town in beautiful northeast Iowa. He is married with two grown daughters, two son-in-laws, and four grandchildren.

He was raised in the Lamont, Iowa area which is the setting for both Thank you, Mr. Brown,and Merry Christmas and Summer at Izzie's. Will's first children's novel, Lake Poopalooska, set in northern Minnesota, has just hit the shelves. He has again teamed with acclaimed artist/illustrator David R. Prehm. Will is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and is a former teacher. Much of his teaching career (13 years) was spent at West Delaware Schools in Manchester, Iowa. At West Delaware he taught Elementary Remedial Math. He also taught at Britt, Iowa for two years and has substituted in numerous school districts near his home.

Although a teacher by trade, Will’s career and work experiences vary greatly. He has experienced being a custodian, carpenter, farmer, retail store manager, factory worker, bus driver, and even the V.P. of a small "start-up" company. All these experiences could lead to a book of its own, but will more likely be drawn upon in future books.

The author is semi-retired, but does various odd jobs. He is currently promoting and marketing his first children's novel, Lake Poopalooska. In his spare time Will writes and spends as much time as possible in northern Minnesota.

Will’s faith in God, belief in the goodness of people, and commitment to family and friends motivated him to write... Thank you, Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas, Summer at Izzie's, and now Lake Poopalooska. Whether you are eight or eighty, hopefully, you will enjoy these delightful books.

The Illustrator...  

David R. Prehm resides in New Hampton, Iowa with his wife, Sue, and has two married children, and five grandchildren.

He was raised in the Eagle Grove, Iowa area and was a highly acclaimed wrestler in his youth, winning two state championships. He continued his wrestling career at the University of Northern Iowa and also his interest in art. After receiving his B.A. in art education, he coached and taught art at Eldridge, Britt, and New Hampton,Iowa. He is currently retired, but continues to teach, paint, and illustrate children's books.

Dave is a regionally recognized artist. His exhibits can be found around the state. He has had exhibits at Luther College, Wartburg College, North Iowa Community College, just to name a few. He is proficient in numerous mediums, and is an award winning water color artist.

Despite being drawn to the “great outdoors”, much like the author, the illustrator still manages to teach adult art class, do commission work, judge art shows, and paint in his spare time. Thank you, Mr.Brown, and Merry Christmas was the first book that David R. Prehm illustrated. Summer at Izzie's was his second, and now Lake Poopalooska his third..

The Britt Connection...

If you’ve read about the author and the illustrator above, you probably noticed that both the author and illustrator taught at Britt, Iowa. Both men were hired by the Britt school system and both taught there in the early eighties. Will taught 4th grade and Dave taught Art at the high school level.

Both men enjoy fishing and hunting. During their years at Britt both could often be seen at the nearby duck marsh or fishing one of the local sand pits in the area. The last project these two worked on together before Thank you, Mr. Brown, and Merry Christmas, Summer at Izzie's, and Lake Poopalooska was painting a three story house in Britt. Fortunately, they survived to team up many years later and create wonderful books that bring childhood memories and fantasies to life.